Tuesday 30 September 2008


Thank goodness, it's tuesday. I am not a fan of mondays so tuesdays are good! (in fact any day but...) So I did some crafting yesterday before work. I did a gift box (christmas one) for bags of sweets or fancy biscuits. Mine has (HAHAH!!) baby biscottes in them. That's all I had to put in for illustation purposes. How funny!

It was pretty straight forward to do. Just cover some square beer coasters in paper and make holes to both sides and attach with ribbons. I used some fibres aswell as normal ribbons. You can lace the ribbon in the holes if you want. I decided to put individual fibres and ribbons in each of the holes to tie it all up together. The bottom I have just adhered with strong glue.
A tag tied in the ribbon on the plastic bag with the treats in would finish the project nicely. I never thought about it until just now.
I know it's early for christmas ,but I don't want to be well into december and start stressing, so I am making most of my gifts before the end of october. And then in november I will make all the cristmas cards...organised, me, haha...anyways thanks for looking.xoxo


Dianne said...

I love this, I have a bunch of coaster so will have to try it.
I don't know how you keep on top of things your life wow super woman you are...

Tonniece said...

Great coaster box. I did one a while ago and hated it. Might give it a go again after seeing just how pretty they can be.

Great job