Saturday, 27 September 2008

Bratz mural.

Hi everyone. Hope you have had a fun day. I have had a great day with the kiddies. The party was wild and the kids had a great time. The little girl, whos birthday it was, is really into High school musical. I recon every pressie she got had something to do with High school musical!! Anyways it was really good.

Here is one of the first murals I ever did. This one was for a little girl called Hazel in Portgordon. It is a Bratz rock angels mural. It took about 10 hours, due to all the small detailing and the sloping cealing.

It was so much fun to paint and even though I had a stiff neck for weeks after, it was worth it when Hazel was delighted when she saw the finished product. It is about 4 ft high and nearly 5 foot wide, approximately. It was made in the end of 2005 , so it is a while ago.

Hope you like it. Bare in mind that the picture has been taken with an old camera and that the cealing that the mural is painted on is sloping. ;D


Tonniece said...

This is killer.

DJS said...

That is so cool, my girls would love that on their bedroom wall!!! Maybe one of Troy and High School gang. Your art work is amazing Eva!! ( Guess Who!! managed to log on at last!)

Dianne said...

Wow this is brilliant, your color painting is fabulous hay no fear of coloring if you can do this. Like I said its absolutly brilliant work...