Tuesday, 9 September 2008


How fast has these last few weeks gone since the kids went back to school. There is just not enough time in the day to do whatever it is that you want to do. Had a busy day today. Looked after my pals daughter Freya, she is really cute and ever so good with my baby Jed. She had a hard day playing at nursery though, so we did some colouring in. Then I went to pick the boys from school and came home to do all their homework and to go for a little walk. Then I made dinner and now I have to go to work...oh my!!
Busy doing samples aswell for a outlet between Keith and Drummuir. I am going to be making cards, jewellery and other gifts for this place. I am seing the lady that is running the place on friday, so I am in a slight panic since it is tuesday already and I have only made three...oups!! I am hoping to have about 15 items for her to have a look at....jikes!! I only have a few hours to make things since I am child minding all week during the morning and afternoon and I am working evenings monday to wednesday AND I have craft night with some pals on thursday and that is not to be missed. Highlight of my week. Making things, having a natter and eating loads of naughty treats.....brilliant!

My baby Jed is now nearly 11 months and is teething, and he is really grumpy with it. Poor little thing. He had a cleft lip when he was born, so they are coming in a little bit funny, but that is okay. He has had two operations to fix his lip and his palet and the surgeon, Mr Kohle, did a brilliant job. Now Jed is just like any other baby and it's soooo easy to feed him now compared to what it was before the operations.

Anyways I have to get ready for work, since I start at 7 pm....no rest for the wicked...xoxo

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