Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Everyone is having babies...except me!

There is certainly a "baby boom" going on up here in the highlands. I have loads of friends that are expecting between january and may next year. I am certainly not going down that route again,,,well, atleast not for a good few years. I am so lucky to have my three little monsters, all well and healthy.

Sometimes we should think about how lucky we are to have healthy kids, there is so many horror stories out there about kids and illnesses. So I am counting my lucky stars they will stay healthy.

Anyways, back to babas! Here is the another card (well, sort of card) I was going to make for an other lady at my work that is leaving for maternityleave next week. It's her third one and she has two girls so I think she is secretly wishing for a boy. I really wanted to have a girl but now when I have the boys I realise how much easier it is when you have kids the same sex. The toys, clothes and everything can be passed on to the next one in line. It's great. And brilliant for the environment. Oh my goodness, I am going of on one again....

Well, this little book is attached with a book ring ( I just love all the things you can use them for) and has just a few pages with a tag in the middle. I used the same maternity papers as the last card I made. I left space for everyone to sign their name. I hope there is enough space for everyone. Good luck Gail, hope it all goes well.x0x0

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DJS said...

Thats a great card Eva, very different, something special to keep. How sad am I 23.17hrs looking at your blog. As if I dont see enough of you through the day!! DJS XX