Saturday, 27 September 2008

Judo is brilliant!

Morning everyone.

Got a busy house this morning. Got my friends two little girls over . My two big boys are at judo in Lhanbryde every saturday til 12 noon. So the girls where a bit dissappointed that they weren't home. So we went to a coffee morning in the village hall and had a lovely breakfast and bought some bits and bobs. Jed was a total nightmare, trying to pull everything off the table.
The coffee morning is for raising funds for the local brownies club. My kids don't go yet. They have swimming, football and judo after school, so I think that is enough for them. And I like spending time with them in the evenings, well, the evening when I am off work that is.
Judo is a brilliant sport for kids. I didn't know a lot about it until my friends husband asked if the boys wanted to try it out. It is great for their confidence. My boys have gone from painfully shy to confident boys in no time. Ciaran has been training for about 7 months and is getting really good. Luca just started when he started school. It's brilliant and so entertaining to watch too. And the men that are running it are really nice guys, and very serious about the youngens. It is inspiring to see how nicely they treat the kids and how much respect the kids have got for them.

The boys are both white belts, you can't get a higher rank belt unless you are eight. Then you can go to fight at competitions and get a higher rank. I can't wait to see Ciaran in action. His birthday is in May so it's not long to go.

Made the birthdaycard for the birthday girl but I forgot to take a photo of it and sealed it in a really posh envelope, so I'm sorry, I am going to have to make something else for the blog. I am going to try to entertain all these kids now, so hopefully (if I'm still alive) they won't get bored.

Thanks for looking.xoxo


Tonniece said...

How cute are they. love the pic.

My nefew did judo when he was young, and loved it, and yes, we truly enjoyed watching him.

Well have fun with the kiddies. lol

Happy saturday

Dianne said...

Aw what lovely boys and 2 red heads cool:).. Judo is a wonderful thing for children so glad it helped the boys. What a beautiful family you have.. You sound like a brilliant Mom to me...