Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Clean cut card

Here I have made a really simple and easy card for my pal's stepdad. He is a massive Glasgow rangers fan so I had only three colours to work with and no designer paper looked right. So I have just made it simple and clean cut. Hope he likes it.

Having a stressful time before halloween. Lots to do and organise. Don't seem to ever have time to sit down, but I suppose busy is better than doing nothing. I am a bit behind on my work from home so I have to sort that out next week...Eeeek! And there is only 2 more days to make halloween stuff and then I have to wait another year...need to get cracking. Have a good day!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cupcake craft challenge-hole in my bucket

What a day, this morning the snow has arrived up in the highlands. It's lovely but a bit scary when you are out driving. It's only a couple of centimeters so it's not that bad. I am not looking forward to january when it gets really bad. But it looks really pretty out the window. :D

Here is my entry to this weeks Cupcake craft challenge. The challenge is "hole in my bucket" and they are wanting you to make anything with a hole in it. So I have made yet another xmas card with a hole in it and placed different paper behind.

There is some lovely prices every week aswell but the competition is fierce. I am just doing it to gain some experience and I am loving it. And the challenges get better and better every week. Join in!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Pink xmas pop up card

Another xmas card today. Have done a popup one. So easy to make as long as you have a good scorer. A few months ago I though "who needs one of them", but now I understand why you cannot craft without one...

Short post, have to get the boys schoolgear ready for tomorrow, the "tattie holidays" went really fast. Think they have got holidays down south now, or midterm as it is. Have a good evening and I shall be here tomorrow. Thanks for

Christmas fold card

Here is a simple card I have made, not much to it but an easy make if you have got lots of xmas cards to do. I love the bell on the card. I bought a pack of them from the Papercrafts Boutique in Elgin and they are just sooo xmassy. I have ordered some smaller ones on Ebay aswell, silver ones, looking forward to them coming so I can get busy.

Had a good day with my dad and the family. Just pottered about and went for a walk. My dad was very tired after traveling but is milking it a bit boys love him and played with him all day. Couldn't get my dad away from Jed though, he loves babies. Who doesn't !!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

..Panduro snowman card

My dad has just arrived from Sweden to come and stay with us for ten days. He was very nice bringing me some things from the Panduro craft shop in Stockholm. (as well as salt liqurice, yum , yum...)

This snowman on my card I made this morning is from the Ingrid Harding collections and I just love it. The shop is amazing, I can't wait to go to Sweden next year and have a browse in it.

Not very many weeks left til christmas now. I know it is still october but I have so much to do, so many cards to make and pressies to buy so I have started early this year. I have bought a cuttlekids machine for one of my friends little girl. She is a crafter in the making and everytime she comes to my house she asks what we can "craft" today. She is very sweet.

I am going to get of this computer now and check that my dad is okay. He is knackered from traveling all day resting upstairs and he is nearly 70 after all. Have a good evening.

Recycled card

Saturday evening already and still so much to do. I think a couple of extra hours in the day and a couple of arms would do us mum good... ;D

I have managed to do a couple of cards this evening. This one is made for a little baby and the pink polkadot paper and the cat image is recycled from one of my cards I got for my birthday. I am very much in to recycling. I do as much as I can when I am crafting, and also use enviromentally friendly products in the home as well as toiletries.

If you haven't seen any about you should go and have a look at these websites;

You can now also get a lot of enviromentally friendly clothes in high street stores as Next and H&M, and I buy a lot of my toiletries and domestic cleaners and washing powders from supermarkets. They also have eco nappies and wipes for my baby! It's amazing how easy it gets to find eco items the more people buy them. Now for my next post...

Friday, 24 October 2008

Yum gum

What a lovely day it has been today. A bit windy but really sunny. I am happy, got loads of washing done after coming home from holidays with 3 loads of washing...eeekkk....anyways have only had time for a little tiny project today. Saw this project on Marlene Ashby's blog, have seen loads of them before but not thought of trying it. It is so easy and it's a cute little pressie for someone aswell.

So I have covered a chewing gum box. I love the candy coloured papers I used. They are papermania I think..Oh I just need to remember the names of all these different papers I have got. It's funny, as soon as I get new papers I rip them up and use most of them and then have no idea what company they are from or what they are called...oh dear..

Anyways I am working extra tonight so I shall be off to get ready. Should have some more time tomorrow to make things before my dad arrives. Have a good friday!xxxx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Cupcake craft challenge sketch

Here is my entry to this weeks Cupcake craft challenge. I have used paper mania naughty and nice christmas papers. They are so funky. I love the pink and brown together.

I love their challenges and sketches. They have made me more adventurous and I reuse the sketches frequently when I make other cards ie birthday cards for friends etc. Check out the challenge and join in. It's so much fun. There is a link to the left a bit further down on my blog. Have a good week.

Doubledutch challenge 3


Just got home from work. Had a powercut before I went, it is very windy tonight. Was pleased to see it was back on when I came home.

Here is my entry to the Doubledutch challenge this fortnight. It is a notebook with a cover. I made mine a christmas one. There is lots of gorgeous ones on the challenge blog by the DT. I love the stick pen that I borrowed of my son. Our friends came back with a pack of them when they went on holidays to Thailand. They are sooo cool.

Have a good evening.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008



Have been away for a few days down in Yorkshire to visit family, that is why it has been very quiet on my blog. I am back now and am gonna get busy with some crafting. Have got both Cupcake Craft challenge and Double dutch to do this week. And my dad is coming from Sweden for a visit on saturday so I have got loads of things to organise,,,eeeekkk...

Had a great time down south. So much to do and see. Was a right tourist down there with my camera. Boys all went to see Leeds united play a football game and loved it. Go Leeds!! They were singing all the Leeds songs all the way home to was nice..the first two

Jed had his first birthday down there and had a great time. As you can see he had his first chocolate cake. Was playing with his little cousin Eugene (10 months) it was so cute to see them together. So we will be going again. Loved it down there , so much character and heritage.

Have a nice evening and I'll be here tomorrow.xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Donalda's blog candy

Hey anyone want some candy. Donalda has some up for grabs on her blog Check it out!!! See ya laters!

Owls of fun....

My lovely friend came over the other day and gave me a lovely big box of birthday treats and what did I find in there...the lovely papermania secret garden paper pad and acetate pad I have been longing I just had to go mad and make lots of stuff with it.

Here I have made a owl notebook, decorated a tin from Bramwells (it's soo cute with the little handle), decorated a small jar (used to have olives in it, I ate them all in about 10 minutes..yumm...) and I also made a little mini book using a bookbinder for photos.

I really like the papermania papers and accessories. There was also some ribbon stickers in the box for me (spoilt rotten) and I really like them. I just love when everything matches, it makes it easy, it almost feel like you are cheating though, when you are able to just nip to the shop and buy all matching accessories from the same company..but don't get me wrong, I think it is great...

Well, I am working extra tonight but tomorrow I will get some crafting in hopefully. Have a good evening. xoxoxo

Turn up the heat

Hi. I am back and I have got my mojo back. Funny that how you just loose it like that. Anyways I am feeling great today and have been making a few bits and bobs.

Here is my entry for this weeks Cupcake craft challenge. It is called "Turn up the heat" and I have used shrink plastic with a heat gun for my little project.

I have made a little triangle christmas box to put in a little bag of sweeties as a stockingfiller. I drew a little snowman and coloured him and shrunk him with a heat gun. It was really hard not to eat all the sweeties that sat on the side whilst I was making

Anyways, I just love shrink plastic, it is so versatile. Have a good day and thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Sorry, I have had a mad last week and not any time at all to make nothing...until yesterday and when I finally had a couple of hours I couldn't make anything. I think I have lost my mojo....temporarily I hope.

Haven't been able to draw or make things. Anyways I am going to leave it for a couple of days until I am gagging to make stuff and then I'll be right again. Things like that happen...haha...

I often get like that with my art. I draw something and then it looks wrong and I'll draw it over and over and over again and then I am so sick of it, I don't want to draw it again. Well, I am definitely doing the cupcake challenge this week so I better be on it in a couple of days.

I though it might have something to do with that today is my birthday....jikes...I am 33 today...odd number...hahah...and my baby is 1 on sunday, but I realised it wasn't. See my baby is born on my late mothers birthday and I always get a bit funny around this time. But that is what happens. It was years ago she passed away but losing your mum and best friend is just something you never get over.
However my mum was the coolest mum ever, absolutely mad, always happy, big blond affro (must have been something in that perm liquid,,,hahah) and she always wore florecent clothes. Pretty embarrasing when you are a teenager but now I think she was sooo cool and brave for being herself and not caring what other people say...and I am afraid I have inherited some of her am always happy and have some pretty wierd clothes, no florecents though,,hahahha...anyways who cares, aslong as you are happy.

Well, I have had a nice day, got spoilt rotten. Definiely had too much cake. Had a friend over for lunch and we had a good time. All round perfect lazy day for a birthday. So please bare with me please, I will be back with some more posts in a couple of days. Hope you had a good weekend and see you soon. Thanks for looking (even thought I am being boring...) ;D

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Small reminder

Evening. Haven't had time to do a lot of crafting today. Just a couple of small, simple things, like this little halloween treat box. Something different for the kids to take home with them if you are having a halloween party.

The other picture is of a small 4 by 4" reminder pad/note pad. Sorry about the dodgy screw on the picture, haha....It is really easy and speedy to make and great for a little present for someone with a hectic life. I used (yet again) a beer coaster and covered it in paper.

Up here in Scotland is now holidays. Called " tattie holidays" so kids are off for a fortnight. It's brilliant to get a break from schoolruns and after school clubs. And I'll have a lot more time to do crafting since the boys are happy to do it with me. (when Jed is sleeping)

Tomorrow I am taking the boys to see a good friend of mine. They play with her kids and we always get treated like we are in a five star hotel when we go to visit. So that will be a great beginning to the holidays.

Have a lovely evening and I'll be back tomorrow. xxx


What a lovely day, typical autumn day. Sun is out and it's a bit breezy. My partner has been getting familiar with our new camera and all the settings on it. Here is some pictures he took today when we were out for a walk.

There is a lovely walk that goes from where we live to the nearest village, its beautiful, lots to explore for the kids. They always pretend they are knights or celtic warriors on their ponies riding down the track looking for baddies.

Catch you guys later, thanks for coming by.

Saturday morning!

Hi and thank you for all the lovely comments you have made on my posts. I can't believe how many people have had a look. *blushing* haha....and I have had some great hints and tips so thank you very much.

Had a few manic days, haven't had time to go on the computer. Went out for a few drinks (oj for me) yesterday with some friends. Haven't been out for a long time so it was very nice. Nothing special just a relaxing evening catching up.

Gonna get myself in gear and do my chores and then I have lots of drawing and crafting to do, so hopefully by tonight, I shall be able to post some stuff up. Have a good day and see you laters.xoxoxo

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Cupcake craft challenge

Here is a card I have done today for this weeks Cuppcake craft challenge. I have done a birthday card with some flower power paper. It was fun to make and I do like their challenges...Oooh,,,I think I have to start doing this challenge every week. It's soo much fun. Have a look and join in...xoxoxo

Pirate clipboard

Hi. Not a bad day today, some showers but most of the day the sun has been out, for a change. Had a busy day as always. My new camera has been playing up but is now sorted.

Here is a project I did at craftnight a while ago. We were decorating clipboards and ofcourse mine was to be a pirate one. I just loooove the rusty pickle pirate princess papers and my lovely pal gave me a shot of some from her enormous paperstash!

It is sooo me but I doubt I'd take it with me whilst out shopping. This one is for hanging on the wall. Beware of pirate mum....aaarrrrr!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Marlene's Halloween feature

Back again. I just had a look at talented papercrafter and jewellery maker Marlene Ashby's blog. She has a fantastic blog and is a great source of inspiration for me. Anyway she has got a magazine feature in octobers issue of Craft Stamper. I have mentioned this in an earlier post. She has done a great job and on her blog you can now see what she has done with my Halloween Sugar Nellie stamps (

It's amazing how much you could do with halloween stamps, not just cards. I know halloween is not as popular here as it is in the States. Bet you they have great fun at their halloween parties and pumpkin competitions. Me and the boys are going out trick or treting this halloween. Jed is one on the 18th so he is a halloween baby so I have got him a cute spideroutfit. Lets hope the weather is good.

Anyways have a look at Marlene's blog. ( There is also a lot of other amazing stuff on there. And she has got some lovely looking blog candy on there up for grabs aswell. Have a lovely

Kelpie, scottish sea horse

Morning. Horrible, miserable day out there, all the better for an excuse to do some papercrafts!! I have a couple of cards to make for people at work. Still haven't started with the woolenshop's's okay she is wanting them for the end of the week so we'll see how that goes (60!!)

Here is a picture from my mad black and white era. This picture has been made with black marker pen. I have got a thing about these markerpens, but they sure give you a head ache. This picture is ment to be of a scottish seahorse, a kelpie. I have tried to make it a bit celtic looking, don't know if I succeeded. I love horses and used to love horse riding as a child and drew horses from a young age...I had every horsemagasine there was and knew all the breeds. Funny what you are like when you are a kid. Even funnier when you get older and find that you are still the same....hahaha....

Well, have a good day and I'll have another post for you later on today.xoxoxox

Monday, 6 October 2008

Distressed birthday card

Afternoon. I can't believe that it is already past 4pm....where did the day go? I have only had time to make one card today and it is a birthday card for a lady at my work. I am experimenting with crumpled up paper and distressing paper. (have been looking in the new stampin up inspiration catalogue) It was so much fun to make and hopefully a bit different to my usual cards.

Have got a million things to do before work and the boys are starving so have to go and get the dinner cooking. Have a good evening and thanks for

Goth door hanger

Here is the first EVER papercrafts item I made a good few months ago. It was for my pal's daughter Breagha. She is the coolest girl around. 12 and totally into goth and punk. But with a punk veteran dad (Angus, see below for artwork for his band) and punk mum Ainsley, how could she not be. She is absolutely gorgeous and has got a great personality on her. She also has a beautiful little sister called Onnagh and a new addition to the family, baby Darragh. He is so cute, he is gonna have to get locked up when he is 12...haha..

Anyways had some help with this one from my pal that is a craft veteran. Since it was my first project she showed me what papers would go with the scary goth angel and the matching ribbons. And ofcourse, since then I was sold...I love papercrafts!! Another hobby to make your wallet thin. But it's so worth it when you make someone something and they like it..priceless...xoxoxo

Pirate mural 2.

Morning and hope you all had a good weekend. Quite a nice morning up here, sun is shining but it's still cold.

Here is the other pirate mural in the boy's bedroom. It is ment to be captain Luca and captain Ciaran on their little ship. This mural was done about a year and a half ago and like I said before they are now into Starwars so I am painting over it in the next few months.

Busy day today, working tonight aswell. Going to try to get some cards done today, we'll see how that works out....busy, busy... ;D

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Long gone is the summer..

Oh no, here we go again. Winter is on the way. I have noticed such a change in the weather. Was nearly late to bring the kids to school on friday. It wasn't funny at the time but now when I think about it, it's hilarious.

I came out to the car and the windscreen was all frosted up and I couldn't find my scraper. So I ran in and out the house, still couldn't find it so I found this frisbee of Ciaran's in the boot and started scraping the frost of the windscreen. Ofcourse one of my neighbours came out, and looked at me funny. "Cold morning, isn't it"...

Had a lovely day today. Went to see some friends and had lots of cake. YUM! Have done a few bits and bobs crafting this evening, but haven't charged the camera, so hopefully I can put up some photies tomorrow.

Here is a picture of my hubby (the funny looking one with a cap, haha..), my boys and my cousin and her family, when they were here in June on holiday. This picture is taken on the top of Ben Rhinnes. That week they were here the weather was absolutely gorgeous, we were so lucky. They loved it up here. They live in Turku, Finland ( I am half finnish, my mum was finnish) and it was their first time in Scotland. They were so funny though, typical tourists, buying deer whiskey and taking pictures of the highland cows...

It was lovely, and when I look at the pictures I wish it still was summer....anyways, there is christmas to look forward to. Started shopping already, just a few bits and bobs. Going to be busy this and next month, going to have a couple of dates where I (and a friend)am going to have a stall and sell some handcrafted stuff and ofcourse my Usborne books. So have to get to it and start seriously making things in the next few weeks. Busy, busy! It's true what they say, no rest for the wicked...I must have been really baaad! Sleep tight...or for you that are going to be up til the early hours crafting, have a good sunday.xoxoxo

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Homegrown snowmen card

Here is the other card I made this morning. I love all the new christmas stamps from Sugarnellie (buy at I was lucky enough to have a shot of some of them and here is a "icy" looking card with a snowman family.

The "merry and bright" stamp is from stampin up. I love all the stamps and accessories from stampin up. My friend is a demonstrator and I am due to order some things so I must have another look in the catalogue. There is so much to choose from, I want all of it....

Well, that's me for the day. I'm off to do some drawing and try to distract the kids with toys at the same time....HELP!!! Lol, have a lovely afternoon and thanks for stopping by.xoxoxo

Elizabeth Bell stamps

Afternoon. Yes, I got my doublesided tape, so I am a happy girl. Tom is just away to have a practise with his band and then a gig in Elgin so I am on my todd again. I have done two cards this morning so that's my lot today. I was desperate last night. Have got a lot of drawing to do this weekend so my crafting have to take a step back for a couple of days.

Here is a card I made with a stamp by Elizabeth Bell ( My friend kindly stamped me the image and I coloured it in with promarkers. I love how the promarkers flow so easily and makes the images you colour in look printed. I am still very new to this and I am going to need a while to get my head around the promarkers but I'm doing good and loving it.

Going to nip in to my neighbours house. She has started her own business selling childrens books. I am a demonstrator for Usborne books myself ( ) and they are brilliant. I sell a lot of books to schools, librarys and homeschoolers are very fond of the Usborne books. My neighbour has a business with another book club. I am going to have a look if she has some lovely books for my boys christmas, since they just about have a Usborne library at

Friday, 3 October 2008

I love my camera!!!

OMG>>>I have taken about 150 pictures this evening. It's brilliant when you are used to a rubbish phone camera. Here is some pictures of the big boys being cute. Can't do any crafting tonight since I have run out of doublesided tape, (shock, horror) so I am not sure if I can survive until tomorrow. Lots o love..

Doubledutch challenge

Evening. Here is my entry to the Doubledutch challenge. It was so much fun to do. I am really into these challenges, there is so much to learn. New sketches, matching all the papers and accessories...i just love it.
I decided to do a santa one (stamps from, he is sooo cute and I love the lantern. I tried to make the lantern look as it was lit but I am not sure if it does. Just got my new camera this afternoon so I am still tinkering with it.
My hubby is helping me. He is just one of these people (annoying really, I am jealous) that can just get their hands on something and understand instantly how they work. (without reading the manual) It's quite handy actually, when I break the computer (happens weekly, very impatient I am pressing all the keys at the same time, lol) or something else.
I am looking into trying a weekly challenge, I am not sure if I can commit to do something weekly since my schedule is crazy but I am having so much fun doing the doubledutch sketches I am thinking about it. So if you know a good one, let me know. I would really appreciate it.
Have a good weekend and happy crafting.xoxoxo

Here is an illustration I did for my friend Angus' band, Scatha. It is a record sleeve for a 7 inch single. The image is from when I had my black/white period. That sounds really wierd and arty farty but I was really into it.
It soon passed though, got a bit bored just using black and white. But I am pleased with how it came out. I only did the inside image on the record sleeve. The knotwork around it has been done by a member of the band.
I was sat colouring in yesterday with promarkers and I am sold!!! I have tried so many different ones like prismas and that and finally I have found something that I feel really good about. So next week I'll be heading to the craft shop in Elgin to buy a stack. My pal said if I want all the colours, ie skintones and that I should get about 4 packs, so that is what I will do. They are not bad, was it £13 for 8 pens I said in one of the other posts? Anyway they are reasonable for a crafter on a budget. (ME!!)
Loving Doubledutch challenge blog, they have a brilliant sketch on at the moment. I am going to enter. I have finished the card and taken a photo with my new camera (it's great!!) , just going to sort the software out and then I'll put it on the blog. Just remember that it's the first time I have used the promarkers so it's not perfect. See you in a bit.xoxoxo

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


October is here...and so much to do. I have loads of pals that have got birthdays around this time. Me, myself being a libra, also have a birthday this month.

I have made some cards today. One is for this young lad that works with me. He is 18 next month and I drew a picture of him and stuck it on the card. He is a really funny guy and I'm sure he'll have a great birthday.

The other card is for my friend Matt, (my friend Helena's husband) he is 40 on sunday. He is also one of the boys Judo instructors and have been a friend of ours for years. He is really cheeky, so I thought I'd get him back for all the naughty things he has done to me (i.e throw food in my hair when I wasn't looking at a formal dinner...he is a baddie but really funny too) So I have made him a dinosaur (get it...hahah) card. He'll think it's really funny, since we all know that 40 isn't old at all. Hope he likes it and doesn't try to throw anything at me...;D

His son Cameron has a 15th birthday next week. He is really specific in what he likes now, so I have made him little minibook instead of a card. He loves chinese dragons and is very artistic. He often draws dragons and snakes. He is currently trying to study as hard as he can, since he wants to be a model maker and it is very hard to get into a course like that unless you have remarkable grades. Which he has so far, so keep at it, Cam.

Wohooo, last day of work this week...but still have a million things to do. Everyone thinks that since I am home 4 days out of the week I just sit and watch tv. They couldn't be more wrong. You guys know what it is like, with kids and housework and all that. Anyway, I am not complaining. I love being busy and would be bored with nothing to do.

I am making some things for my friend that is in for an operation on friday. I am going to try to make them on friday. Have craft night tomorrow night so hopefully I'll have something cool to show tomorrow night.

I'm off to get changed for work. Tallihooo!!