Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I am just home from work and I can't go to bed...that's the worst thing about working evenings, it's hard to wind down afterwards. Anyway, had an easy evening at work so I am quite happy.

Have had loads of lovely comment on the blog, so thank you so much. It gives me a lot of confidence when people are saying I am on the right track with my "creations". Mwahhh...that sounds really professional! Anyways I have been bloghopping ever since I came home from work and I have seen some lovely things and feel very inspired indeed. Have three cards to make tomorrow, so I am going to try to fit that in my hectic schedule.

Still making more stamp designs, nearly finished. Busy, busy...Had a picture of the boys that I was going to put up but I can't seem to get the image uploader to work. I'm sure it's this laptop. Seems to break as soon as I pick it up. Thank goodness my fella is good at fixing computers, otherwise I would be stuck.

Ordered my camera, don't know how long it will take before it arrives but I am really excited, but then it'll probably take me a week to figure out how to use it...blondes! Haha....anyways, I must go to bed, have to be up at 7am to get boys ready for school. Thanks for stopping by and I shall see you tomorrow.xoxo

Everyone is having babies...except me!

There is certainly a "baby boom" going on up here in the highlands. I have loads of friends that are expecting between january and may next year. I am certainly not going down that route again,,,well, atleast not for a good few years. I am so lucky to have my three little monsters, all well and healthy.

Sometimes we should think about how lucky we are to have healthy kids, there is so many horror stories out there about kids and illnesses. So I am counting my lucky stars they will stay healthy.

Anyways, back to babas! Here is the another card (well, sort of card) I was going to make for an other lady at my work that is leaving for maternityleave next week. It's her third one and she has two girls so I think she is secretly wishing for a boy. I really wanted to have a girl but now when I have the boys I realise how much easier it is when you have kids the same sex. The toys, clothes and everything can be passed on to the next one in line. It's great. And brilliant for the environment. Oh my goodness, I am going of on one again....

Well, this little book is attached with a book ring ( I just love all the things you can use them for) and has just a few pages with a tag in the middle. I used the same maternity papers as the last card I made. I left space for everyone to sign their name. I hope there is enough space for everyone. Good luck Gail, hope it all goes well.x0x0


Thank goodness, it's tuesday. I am not a fan of mondays so tuesdays are good! (in fact any day but...) So I did some crafting yesterday before work. I did a gift box (christmas one) for bags of sweets or fancy biscuits. Mine has (HAHAH!!) baby biscottes in them. That's all I had to put in for illustation purposes. How funny!

It was pretty straight forward to do. Just cover some square beer coasters in paper and make holes to both sides and attach with ribbons. I used some fibres aswell as normal ribbons. You can lace the ribbon in the holes if you want. I decided to put individual fibres and ribbons in each of the holes to tie it all up together. The bottom I have just adhered with strong glue.
A tag tied in the ribbon on the plastic bag with the treats in would finish the project nicely. I never thought about it until just now.
I know it's early for christmas ,but I don't want to be well into december and start stressing, so I am making most of my gifts before the end of october. And then in november I will make all the cristmas cards...organised, me, haha...anyways thanks for looking.xoxo

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Scary tin.

Here is a little tin I did a while ago, to put pictures of the boys in their halloween gear. I used the cricut cartridge "Paper dolls" for the little spider. Inside it has a little pull out minibook. I did this one at craftnight. I just love tins. I have a dozen of them at home decorated in different shapes and sizes. It looks so lovely and homely on the shelf and I always get visitors asking where I bought them. How funny is that!!? But I suppose you can't buy things like that in any shops. That is why it is so special when you receive a hand crafted card or a gift. It was made just for you.
It was so much fun to do. And so many different ideas to use the little tin for. I must see if I can fine some and make some for christmas pressies. Got a few gifts to send abroad so why not stick a pound note in a decorated tin. (it's normally so boring sending money in an envelope)

The boys have had enough of playing today so they are watching a movie on dvd. Jed is sleeping and I have done all my chores so I am going to do a bit of crafting. Have a lovely sunday evening.xoxo

Good morning!

What a lovely morning. The sun is shining already. It is a bit cold, but I bet you it will be warm by lunchtime. Tom is going away to Edinburgh today with his band Gusto Mastivo. (Funny name!!)So, I am going to take the boys out and then try to get the house in ship shape and ofcourse try to get a bit of crafting in.

Here is two of the boys three pirate murals from their room. Just a simple black skull with swords and a pirate island. I did these about 2 years ago, and the boys are desperate for new murals. So I can feel a starwars theme coming on. As I had said in a earlier post, I am currently doing a Starwars Clone Trooper mural for one of my friends little boy. It's nearly finished, but it is hard to get it done, since my friend is a hardworking mum of two and is very busy. She is away on holiday next week so I am going to finish it in the "tattie holidays".

I just discovered they are showing "Fraggle rock" on kids channel Tiny Pop. I am watching it with the boys since I used to adore it when I was a child. It isn't really dated either like some of the old kids tv series. They are sooo cool. My favorites are the doozers. They are so cute. Even Jed watches it.

I am away to hang some washing out. Have a lovely morning. I'm sure this is not the last you have heared of my today.xoxoxo

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Lil Monsters..

Evening...yes, I know I said it was the last post for the day, but then...well, I have had these dinosaur type papers by Basic Grey (I love all their stuff!) and kids were in bed so I thought I'd have a little craft session.

I have made a little mini scrapbook album out of some old chipboard that I cut to size and covered in paper. I am going to go through the funniest and naughtiest looking photos of the boys being up to no good and put them in. (at a later date, haha..)

I know it's pretty basic, but as you know practise makes perfect, and that is what I am doing, practising. I am dabbing in scrapbooking a bit too and liking it a lot. My friend gave me an album and I have only made two pages in it. I will hopfully get time next week to do a page or two.

Found lots of old artwork, most of it black and white .( I get these periods of time when I do that crazy artist thing and only use one set of materials, in this case black marker....uh oh...cuckooo....) Have not seen these pictures in years so it was interesting to see how my art has evolved since then.

I am going to try to get a slideshow on, so see ya's tomorrow.xoxoxo

Last one today

Honestly,what am I like, this it my third post today!!! Well, my computer hasn't been well and even though my partner is a PC engineer he hasn't had time to fix it. Anyways it's much better now and I have got all my work and art accessable, so I am a happy girl.

So, here is a door hanger I made for my friend Helena's teenage son, Cameron a wee whiley ago. He is a bit of a emo/punk so I thought I'd make it fit his style. (And I am a pirate, yaaarrr...ask any of my friends!!)

Very simple, using beer coasters covered in paper and a big skull die cut from Provocraft cricut machine. (Paper dolls, just love that cartridge..) Lots of inking around the edges and it took a bit of time to gather all the letters from newspapers, but it's very punk. Simple but effective and he liked it, which is the main thing.
See you tomorrow, same place...xoxox

Bratz mural.

Hi everyone. Hope you have had a fun day. I have had a great day with the kiddies. The party was wild and the kids had a great time. The little girl, whos birthday it was, is really into High school musical. I recon every pressie she got had something to do with High school musical!! Anyways it was really good.

Here is one of the first murals I ever did. This one was for a little girl called Hazel in Portgordon. It is a Bratz rock angels mural. It took about 10 hours, due to all the small detailing and the sloping cealing.

It was so much fun to paint and even though I had a stiff neck for weeks after, it was worth it when Hazel was delighted when she saw the finished product. It is about 4 ft high and nearly 5 foot wide, approximately. It was made in the end of 2005 , so it is a while ago.

Hope you like it. Bare in mind that the picture has been taken with an old camera and that the cealing that the mural is painted on is sloping. ;D

Judo is brilliant!

Morning everyone.

Got a busy house this morning. Got my friends two little girls over . My two big boys are at judo in Lhanbryde every saturday til 12 noon. So the girls where a bit dissappointed that they weren't home. So we went to a coffee morning in the village hall and had a lovely breakfast and bought some bits and bobs. Jed was a total nightmare, trying to pull everything off the table.
The coffee morning is for raising funds for the local brownies club. My kids don't go yet. They have swimming, football and judo after school, so I think that is enough for them. And I like spending time with them in the evenings, well, the evening when I am off work that is.
Judo is a brilliant sport for kids. I didn't know a lot about it until my friends husband asked if the boys wanted to try it out. It is great for their confidence. My boys have gone from painfully shy to confident boys in no time. Ciaran has been training for about 7 months and is getting really good. Luca just started when he started school. It's brilliant and so entertaining to watch too. And the men that are running it are really nice guys, and very serious about the youngens. It is inspiring to see how nicely they treat the kids and how much respect the kids have got for them.

The boys are both white belts, you can't get a higher rank belt unless you are eight. Then you can go to fight at competitions and get a higher rank. I can't wait to see Ciaran in action. His birthday is in May so it's not long to go.

Made the birthdaycard for the birthday girl but I forgot to take a photo of it and sealed it in a really posh envelope, so I'm sorry, I am going to have to make something else for the blog. I am going to try to entertain all these kids now, so hopefully (if I'm still alive) they won't get bored.

Thanks for looking.xoxo

Friday, 26 September 2008


Hi everyone and thank you so much for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog. I am so pleased it is friday. I am going to rent a cool kids movie with the kids tonight and buy lots of treats and stuff myself, since hubby is away in Aberdeen playing with the band. We love having a movie night!

I never get to watch anything but kiddies movies nowadays, but I must say, I don't mind. There is so many great movies for kids out now.

Had weekly craftnight last night. Everyone (except me, I am such a rebel, hihi...) was using these brilliant promarkers to colour in some stamped images. I am a bit scared of colouring, but I am going to face my fear and invest in some material. Haven't decided yet what to get. If you have any ideas what kind of materials would be best for a newbie like me, I'd love to hear them.

The promarkers were really cool. It looked like the images had been printed, so I might just get some of them and they didn't seem to be that expensive either. I am always on a budget since I have sooo many kids and always buy things for them first.

Anyways, while everyone was colouring in, I brought some ribbons and other bits and bobs to make a little halloween book. I am going to use it as a display for a picture of my boys for Halloween 2008. I was using "nestabilities" for the first time yesterday and I absolutely loved it. I can already hear my purse complaining. Oh, have to get a Cuttlebug machine first. I have the little Sizzix sidekick, which is great, but I have now discovered embossing folders (the big ones,,,,mmmm...) and I "neeed" some of them. Heheh.....

So, the orange scalloped circle is hopefully have a uber cool pic of the boys in it after Halloween. But then again, I made a tin last year, and there is still no pix in that one...oups!!
Time,,,that is what I am lacking. But at the moment I am quite happy to be running around after the boys. Before you know it, they will all be 17 and wanting to go to uni.

Got a kiddies party tomorrow. Boys are chuffed, it is a dressing up one...I wanted to dress up to but I thought I might give it a miss. Don't want the boys to be embaressed of their "crazy" mum..:D

Anyways, thanks again for looking. Im making a card for the little girl that has her 4th birthday tomorrow, so I will put a picture of that up on the blog tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend. I am away to gut the house (I have 3 loads of washing to do and millions of clothes to iron and put away....arghhh!!) Cheerioo!!xoxox

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Purse card

Oh,,,is that the time already?! Had a great day today. My friend Helena stayed for a couple of hours and had lunch and several cups of tea and some biccies. I always show her my cards or what ever I had made or drawn and she is always brutally honest with me. It is really good to get some pointers, even some of them are not what you wanted to hear. Anyways I don't mind really, have a lot to learn, so any pointers or critism is good.

Made this purse card after the boys came home from school. I was helping them with their homework and thought I'd be a bit creative meanwhile. They get homework everyday so maybe I could make this my daily craft routine. It's a christmassy one again (it's not even october, sham on me...) and I am going to put pictures of the boys on the lift out tags and send it to my granny, who lives in Finnish lapland. She is amazing, and deserves special cards. I send her a letter every fortnight. She just had her 90th birthday the other day!!

I away to make some dinner. Thanks for having a look.xoxoxo

Biker baby!


Wednesday already, wohooo, last day at work and then four days off...lots of time to do crafts!! One of my friends in London had a baby a few weeks ago. I have already sent a pressie but I thought that no nursery would be complete without some crafty bits and bobs. My friend and her husband are really into their motorbikes (well, they are going to have to sell their bike not to get a family car, hihi..) so I thought I'd make at least one thing that was a bit bike orientated.

I made a baby card, a doorplaque and a name sign for baby Arjen. What a cute, unusual name. They are due to move to Holland. I think the centre of London (where they live) is a bit too busy when you have kids. I certainly wouldn't like to live there with mine. I would be too worried about crime and that. It's awful with this knife crime business that is going on in the cities. I like it up here in the sticks, where there is not that much to worry about.

It is getting cold now though. I have noticed a big change in the weather. Back to scottish winter, not one of my favorites, but what can you do. I just hope there will be some proper snow this year so the boys can have some fun.

My pal Helena just came throught the door, so I will make her a cuppa. Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


That is it. I had enough. No more taking cruddy pictures on my phone. I am going to buy a fancy camera this weekend. I was admiring all the lovely blogs with their professional photography of their creations, so I thought why can I not have lovely photos on my blog. I take a lot of pictures anyways. Specially of the boys and my murals for my portfolio. I wouldn't just buy it for the blog. (Well, maybe.. I have a follower now !!! Wohoooo!! Thank you, Tonniece ! I was absolutely chuffed when I saw a little comment on the blog.)

So I am just lookin into what I can get for my budget. I think my fella is more excited than me, he is really into photography. He is a PC engineer and go around Scotland every day in his van fixing peoples computers, printers etc. He gets to see some amazing scenery so I am afraid that camera will be in his van when I am not using it.

Here is a little card with a sheep (Cuttlekids Sophia diecut) . I have these in the woolen shop in Aberlour (It's called "Three bags wool") and they are selling like hotcakes. Very simple but people seems to like them. I do lots of different variations of that card, apparantly nobody wants to buy a "handcrafted" card if there is a whole bunch of them that looks the same. Anyways they are really fun to make. I do a pig one too, that sais "Hogs and kisses" or "Happy hogmanay" or similar...I am currently making christmas cards for the shop. Sarah really likes funky unusual cards so I have some good ideas. Another thing to get on with.

Just had dinner with the boys. Tom is due home any minute so I'd better get my things ready for work so I get to see him for a short while before I go grafting. :D

Thanks for stopping by! xoxoxo

Ladies for lunch.

Hi everyone.

Had a lovely day today. Didn't get that much done though...:)

Went for lunch with my friend Sarah, that has a woolen shop in Aberlour. (the nearest village with shops!!) I make cards and things for her shop and I haven't seen her for about 3 weeks so I thought I'd go and see her and we ended up going for lunch in a cafe' called Fresh, that is across the road from Sarah's shop. I think we ordered too much food though cause we were both absolutely stuffed afterwards. But it was so nice to not have to cook and to just sit and relax. Jed was with us. He was hilarious, trying all our food and then throwing the bits he didn't like on the floor...jikes!! Little monkey!

Got an "All mixed up " cartridge for my Cricut machine in the post today from America. Have been waiting for ages. Am bidding on another two on Ebay ( I love Ebay!!!) so hopefully I shall have a few soon. I love the "Story book "cartridge and the winter ones. I have seen stuff made with "Speaking of winter". I know it's an old one but I have only had my Cricut for about a month, so it's all new to me. I have also just read on the net that you now can preorder a "stamp kit" for your Cricut and you can make any Cricut image into stamps so I am really looking forward to that. I fancy the sticky vinyl for the machine aswell! I want, I want, I neeeeddd......;)

Am working tonight, and have a pal over tomorrow for lunch so I had better tidy a bit before I start making tea. It would be great if there were about 5 more hours in a day and if I had another couple of extra arms, than I would be on top of it all....(she sais, even though she has been sitting drinking tea in a cafe all afternoon, tee hee!!)

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!xoxox

Monday, 22 September 2008


Lovely day today. Apparantly we are going to have sunshine all week. Great, I have sooo much washing after being ill last week. I have about three loads out on the washing line already this morning.

Made a quick dash into Papercrafts Studio this morning, was desperate for sticky pads for my workpals card for their maternity leave. I have made one of the two cards. So here it is. I dont really know what type of card it is supposed to be. I was trying to make something that I had seen before but it ended up totally different. It's a bit like an envelope card with a large tag in it. I love the maternity papers that I bought this morning. It's always more attention on the baby than on the mum when you are preggers, so the papers are a bit more "mummy orientated". Hope she likes the card.

Also bought my halloween cutouts that I have been longing for. They are just scrumtious!!! It
is from K&Company and I am crazy about this stuff. It has skeletons, witches, haunted houses...you name it, this little £3.99 has got it. I must take a photo and post it on the blog. Anyone that is as mad about halloween as I am will love them. Will start that next week, since this week is going to be manic. Still in the middle of trying to produce some amazing (HELP!!) stamp designs and also have to try to put cornice up in my living room this week...I neeed more time!! I am only working mon-wed so I should have enough time to make a card or two aswell.

One of my friend has got a birthday this friday so I am in progress of making and buying her some things to celebrate. I know she has had a peek at my blog so I am not going to spill any beans of what I am making.

Well, I am heading for the park. Kids have had their lunch now so I'd better get off the PC and get entertaining. Have a lovely day.xoxox

Sunday, 21 September 2008

OMG...I am making xmas things already!!

Evening all!

Had a really nice lazy sunday. Did some housework and stuff with the boys. Jed is a real
mummy's boy now so he has to do everything that I do...all the time!! The boys were playing
just about every game we have in the house this evening. I thought they would be tired out since
Tom took them out cycling for hours before he went to practise with his band. He is really busy with the band.

They have gigs every weekend (that's me all by my seldom with the kids...aaah..the band widow!!) and
he has just asked me if it's okay if they go away in april next year for 10 days for a tour that covers London, Belgium and Germany. I said fine but I will have a nice long list of things for him to bring me back. Muhaha!!! I used to live in London for years so I know there is loads of lovely things that I "need" for him to bring me back from there. Can't wait and also they always have a great time when they go away so why not. Practise went well today and apparently they have a few new songs so hope to hear them soon.

I even had time to make some things today, brilliant. Here is a very christmassy notebook/shopper, easy to make for a stockingfiller. It doesn't have to be a christmas one, I have made ones with flowery papers
before with stamped images on. I also make small notebooks, ideal for kids or for forgetful mums. My pal taught me how to make them. It was one of the first things I learned how to do. I am very greatful to her, she has taught me a lot and everytime we have craft night she seems to come up with something new. It is getting hard though, cause we are a fussy bunch now, haha!!

By the way the papers can be bought in the Paper Crafts Boutique in Elgin. I buy most of my supplies there, so if it's on my blog it will be in the shop.

Back to normality tomorrow and work and organising the kids. They had homework over the weekend, but that is all sorted out. Ciaran is a really good reader now and reads to his brothers (even though Jed talks constantly while he is reading and tries to devour the book at the same time) every night. He has turned into such a lovely, helpful and kind boy and I am very proud of him...even though he refuses to give his mother a kiss on the cheek outside the school. That is just not cool at all...ahahhah....I normally give him one anyways, I gave birth to that boy and it hurt so one kiss a day won't hurt...:D

Right, boys have been in their beds for a while so I'd better go and sort out their school stuff for tomorrow...and maybe have a little sitdown and see what is on tv. See yous tomorrow!xoxoxoox

Exploading box.


Feel fantastic this morning. I suppose you always feel extra good after you have been poorly. Anyways Tom has band practise today and it's a lovely day so I am going to take the boys out.

Here is some pictures of that exploding box I made one evening at craft night. We now have craft night every thursday so on fridays I always have something great to show...;)

Have got loads of washing to hang out today and bits and bobs to do aswell, so I had better get on. Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine! xoxo

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Feeling great!

Oh my goodness...had an awful few days. Caught a sickness bug and have been in my bed for the best of four days... That is not really my style since I am always doing something and hardly get time to sit down. Anyways I am not very good with stomache bugs and were suffering with it but my partner spoilt me rotten and I feel a lot better now.

Here is another card that I made for one of my pals. It is for her pal who came up from London to celebrate her 50th birthday. I have made a Z-fold card, which was really easy. Got the template from http://www.sugarnellie.blogspot.com/ . Made an exploding card with these papers before and loved them so much I had to get a stash of it. But normally I am quite good. I am not a horder, I buy some papers and use them all up (even the tiny papers, I just can't stand when people waste good paper and specially now when everyone is trying so hard to go green) and then I go and buy some more. It works better that way. Love making different styles of cards. I am due to make two baby cards for next week... Jikes, it is for two pals at work and they are both going on maternity leave so we'll see how these turn out...

Boys had their schoolphotos done and we got to see the samples this week. I have ordered a couple. They look so cute, I know I they are mine but I just couldn't help but getting all gooey and mumsy. They are getting so big, the two oldest ones. Feels like yesterday they were all small and chubby and now they are getting so tall and cheeky.

Watching "Merlin" (BBC1) this evening with the boys. They are really excited. It is a new series and my boys are very much into King Arthur and can't wait to follow this new series that is on for 13 episodes. I am prone to watch fantasy style movies anyways so I am looking forward to it to. Love Starwars, Lord of the rings and movies like "Willow" but I am also prone to a bit of "Ugly Betty" on a friday night...;)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Having a lovely cosy day in the house today, just me and Jed. Doing all the daily bits, housework, washing, playing (Jed loves nightgarden and I have to read his nightgarden book to him over and over again!) and trying to fit a bit of crafting in aswell. I am working tonight at 7pm so I have loads of time to put something together.

Here is a nice simple card I have made for a lady at my work. Her nephew is getting engaged so she asked if I'd make her a card on short notice, so I made it yesterday before work. I love browns and creams and ofcourse...tags! Who doesn't love tags!?

Sorry short post today. My homemade soup is just ready and I am starving! So have a nice day and hopefully I'll have something new to show you guys tomorrow. xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, 15 September 2008

Waiting for halloween!!

Not long until halloween...well sort of. Here is a picture of my "witch's kitchen" wall plaque that I made one evening at craftnight. It was so much fun to make. I love the twirly wire and the typewriter style paper with the spidernet. I am painting my kitchen at the moment, but when it's finished I will certainly put it up...that will scare away them nosey neighbours.

I also enjoyed making the kilt pin brooch with the skull on it. It is a present for a pal of mine, she is a bit of a punk/goth so I hope she will like it. The bagcharm I made for myself. Have yet got to purchase a new funky bag to put it on. Would love a big red patent tophandle bag. This seasons must have bag!

I had to put this picture of Jed with his beloved baby walker up on the blog. He is getting really good at walking with it...just a matter of time until he'll be running around the house.

It went really well with the lady in Drummuir, at my meeting with her on saturday. She liked all the things I had made, which is brilliant. I am not very confident at this card and gift making business, since I have only really been doing it for 6 months. I have got so much to learn, getting a lot better but there is millions of things I want to try and learn. Have been looking on the internet for different tutorials for different project. I was suprised how many they were. And here I was thinking that all these creative people I see on their fantastic blogs were absolutely genius' coming up with all these great ideas for craft projects and cards. I soon realised that there is a million tutorials and craftbooks and how to magazines out there that a lot of them get their inspiration from so that made me feel a lot better...

Anyways, I am just going to feed the whole family, my casserole (sweet potato and butternut and chickpeas...) is nearly done so I have to get the broccoli on...yum yum..have a lovely evening and I shall be here tomorrow.xoxox

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Where did the week go?!


I can't believe it's monday again tomorrow!!! Have had another manic week. Nearly finished with the starwars mural. It's looking cool. My boys are a bit jealous of their pal Lucas now and have been asking me for a new one for their room. (they have pirate room with three small murals) So no doubt it will be Starwars on the menu. :D

Working on some more stamp designs as ever. There is loads of new companies with their own stamps now so it is a bit hard to come up with something new that no one else has done. I am really into owls, robots and dinosaurs at the moment...probably like everyone else. But that will be last years news before you know it. Wonder what is the next big thing.

Halloween is just around the corner!! Wohooo...I loooove halloween and it is great being able to dress up (with the kids as an excuse..haha!) and to go trick or treating. One of my pals might have a kiddies halloween party so that should be great. I haven't got my copy of " Craft stamper" yet with the halloween sugar nellies in yet...must go down to get one before they all go. Going to make a massive collage of halloween cut outs and bits this week. Saw some cool stuff in the craftshop in Elgin (papercrafts boutique ofcourse, don't shop anywhere else!!!)and can't wait to get started, well after I have bought the stuff ofcourse!

This week is not going to be too busy. Got a few smaller projects to do, mostly making cards on order for pals and work mates. My partner has got a day off tomorrow aswell so that will be handy. He has been very busy with his work lately so it's nice for him to have a long weekend.

Been going Ebay daft this week and bought lots of stuff that I eh...neeed...(not really but they were sooo cool) I am really into pirate stuff like anything with skull and xbone on it, and so are my kids. So anything I can find that is reasonable in price I will buy it or make something with it. My house is riddled with pirate gear. The boys have got skull rugs in their room that they love. Here is a picture of Jed about a month or so ago, sitting on one of the rugs. He is soo cute in his (now outgrown) little rockabilly dungarees. He is hilarious at the moment and is a real mummy's boy.

Anyways I am going to try to be more efficient with my blog, even though I doubt anyone is reading it. ;) I lead a boring life me...hahah...anyhow have a lovely evening for all of you that are up crafting when the kiddies are in bed...xoxo

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


How fast has these last few weeks gone since the kids went back to school. There is just not enough time in the day to do whatever it is that you want to do. Had a busy day today. Looked after my pals daughter Freya, she is really cute and ever so good with my baby Jed. She had a hard day playing at nursery though, so we did some colouring in. Then I went to pick the boys from school and came home to do all their homework and to go for a little walk. Then I made dinner and now I have to go to work...oh my!!
Busy doing samples aswell for a outlet between Keith and Drummuir. I am going to be making cards, jewellery and other gifts for this place. I am seing the lady that is running the place on friday, so I am in a slight panic since it is tuesday already and I have only made three...oups!! I am hoping to have about 15 items for her to have a look at....jikes!! I only have a few hours to make things since I am child minding all week during the morning and afternoon and I am working evenings monday to wednesday AND I have craft night with some pals on thursday and that is not to be missed. Highlight of my week. Making things, having a natter and eating loads of naughty treats.....brilliant!

My baby Jed is now nearly 11 months and is teething, and he is really grumpy with it. Poor little thing. He had a cleft lip when he was born, so they are coming in a little bit funny, but that is okay. He has had two operations to fix his lip and his palet and the surgeon, Mr Kohle, did a brilliant job. Now Jed is just like any other baby and it's soooo easy to feed him now compared to what it was before the operations.

Anyways I have to get ready for work, since I start at 7 pm....no rest for the wicked...xoxo

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Good Morning!

Had a busy evening last night. I was going to have a lazy one but I ended up making wall plaques for my lovely granny, that lives in Finland (she is 90 and still getting up 5 in the morning to bake bread!) and my cousin, that also lives in Finland. I am just waiting to do a last coat of paint and then I will assemble them and put them on the blog.

Sugar Nellie http://www.sugarnellie.com/ stamps have been all over the press lately. Last month, there was a feature in Craft Stamper http://www.craftstamper.com/ by Erica Gunter. She used a few of my Luca stamps and some of Linda Andreu's stamps called Hamish. She has made some really funky cards with these! And next month in Craft Stamper, talented crafter Marlene is having a halloween feature with my halloween designs for Sugar Nellie.

I am a huge halloween fan so I was delighted when I found out that there was going to be a magazine feature. The magazine is out now and for sale in WH Smith so I must get my hands on a copy.

My birthday is in october aswell as my baby Jed. He was born on my late mothers birthday the 18th, so he is even more special to me, since my mum was my best friend. Sadly she passed away when I was 18 and had just moved to London. I have got him his birthday pressie already. It' a bright red ride on car with "18" on it. It is sooo cool, can't wait to see him taring around in it!!

Anyways better go and entertain the boys. It's really miserable here but I might take them for a walk anyway to burn some energy. No doubt they will be asking to play Playstation later so better be a good Mummy and give them some fresh air first. Thanks for popping by! xoxoxoxo

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Me, a blogger!

Hi and welcome to my very own blog. It is about time, I have been meaning to set one up for months. Here you can read about my busy, crazy life as a mum of three energetic boys and as a busy artist forever trying to make time for my projects.

I am currently totally mad about scrapbooking and card making and have been making things like a madwoman for the last 6 months and I love it. But when you have a 10+ month old baby, it is not easy getting time to create. :D

I have a few upcoming projects but at the moment I am making a mural for a little boy called Lucas. He loves Starwars (maybe a bit of an understatement, he is OBSESSED with Starwars) and I am making a clone trooper mural. It should be ready in the next few weeks so I will put some pix for you guys if you are wanting a nosy.

Having a lazy day tomorrow, hubby is away with his punk band, Gusto Mastivo (have no idea what the name stands for) so me and the boys are having a relaxing day and whenever I get a minute I must try to make something . I bought a Provo Craft Cricut machine from America and have hardly had time to use it so tomorrow I must make time. I love that machine it is fantastic! Anyways here is a pic of my hubby rocking out, ooohhh....the concentration! Haha! Have a nice evening all and see you tomorrow.xoxoxoxo