Friday, 11 December 2009



Having a busy time as usual with xmas coming up and heaps to do. Haven't even finished my xmas shopping. Shame on me! Here is a little summary of pictures of some of the things I have done this year artwise, some murals and some black and white art. Have lots of other projects going on at the moment. Will put some pictures up when I get the time. Have got a week left of college and work and then...phew...the holidays. Can't wait. Have a great week and thanks for coming by.

Thursday, 3 December 2009



Sorry I have been absent for a few month. Started college fulltime and still working 3 jobs..ekkk...and my father passed away so have had lots to do! It's all sorted now so I am ready for a new start just before christmas. Hope everyone is having a great time doing their xmas crafting. I will be back soon. Have a great month! Hugs Eva.xxxx