Monday, 22 September 2008


Lovely day today. Apparantly we are going to have sunshine all week. Great, I have sooo much washing after being ill last week. I have about three loads out on the washing line already this morning.

Made a quick dash into Papercrafts Studio this morning, was desperate for sticky pads for my workpals card for their maternity leave. I have made one of the two cards. So here it is. I dont really know what type of card it is supposed to be. I was trying to make something that I had seen before but it ended up totally different. It's a bit like an envelope card with a large tag in it. I love the maternity papers that I bought this morning. It's always more attention on the baby than on the mum when you are preggers, so the papers are a bit more "mummy orientated". Hope she likes the card.

Also bought my halloween cutouts that I have been longing for. They are just scrumtious!!! It
is from K&Company and I am crazy about this stuff. It has skeletons, witches, haunted name it, this little £3.99 has got it. I must take a photo and post it on the blog. Anyone that is as mad about halloween as I am will love them. Will start that next week, since this week is going to be manic. Still in the middle of trying to produce some amazing (HELP!!) stamp designs and also have to try to put cornice up in my living room this week...I neeed more time!! I am only working mon-wed so I should have enough time to make a card or two aswell.

One of my friend has got a birthday this friday so I am in progress of making and buying her some things to celebrate. I know she has had a peek at my blog so I am not going to spill any beans of what I am making.

Well, I am heading for the park. Kids have had their lunch now so I'd better get off the PC and get entertaining. Have a lovely day.xoxox

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Tonniece said...

Hi Evelina

Just fond your blog, welcome to blog land, can't wait to see all your cards and art works.

Happy Monday