Saturday, 6 September 2008

Me, a blogger!

Hi and welcome to my very own blog. It is about time, I have been meaning to set one up for months. Here you can read about my busy, crazy life as a mum of three energetic boys and as a busy artist forever trying to make time for my projects.

I am currently totally mad about scrapbooking and card making and have been making things like a madwoman for the last 6 months and I love it. But when you have a 10+ month old baby, it is not easy getting time to create. :D

I have a few upcoming projects but at the moment I am making a mural for a little boy called Lucas. He loves Starwars (maybe a bit of an understatement, he is OBSESSED with Starwars) and I am making a clone trooper mural. It should be ready in the next few weeks so I will put some pix for you guys if you are wanting a nosy.

Having a lazy day tomorrow, hubby is away with his punk band, Gusto Mastivo (have no idea what the name stands for) so me and the boys are having a relaxing day and whenever I get a minute I must try to make something . I bought a Provo Craft Cricut machine from America and have hardly had time to use it so tomorrow I must make time. I love that machine it is fantastic! Anyways here is a pic of my hubby rocking out, ooohhh....the concentration! Haha! Have a nice evening all and see you tomorrow.xoxoxoxo

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