Sunday 14 September 2008

Where did the week go?!


I can't believe it's monday again tomorrow!!! Have had another manic week. Nearly finished with the starwars mural. It's looking cool. My boys are a bit jealous of their pal Lucas now and have been asking me for a new one for their room. (they have pirate room with three small murals) So no doubt it will be Starwars on the menu. :D

Working on some more stamp designs as ever. There is loads of new companies with their own stamps now so it is a bit hard to come up with something new that no one else has done. I am really into owls, robots and dinosaurs at the moment...probably like everyone else. But that will be last years news before you know it. Wonder what is the next big thing.

Halloween is just around the corner!! Wohooo...I loooove halloween and it is great being able to dress up (with the kids as an excuse..haha!) and to go trick or treating. One of my pals might have a kiddies halloween party so that should be great. I haven't got my copy of " Craft stamper" yet with the halloween sugar nellies in yet...must go down to get one before they all go. Going to make a massive collage of halloween cut outs and bits this week. Saw some cool stuff in the craftshop in Elgin (papercrafts boutique ofcourse, don't shop anywhere else!!!)and can't wait to get started, well after I have bought the stuff ofcourse!

This week is not going to be too busy. Got a few smaller projects to do, mostly making cards on order for pals and work mates. My partner has got a day off tomorrow aswell so that will be handy. He has been very busy with his work lately so it's nice for him to have a long weekend.

Been going Ebay daft this week and bought lots of stuff that I eh...neeed...(not really but they were sooo cool) I am really into pirate stuff like anything with skull and xbone on it, and so are my kids. So anything I can find that is reasonable in price I will buy it or make something with it. My house is riddled with pirate gear. The boys have got skull rugs in their room that they love. Here is a picture of Jed about a month or so ago, sitting on one of the rugs. He is soo cute in his (now outgrown) little rockabilly dungarees. He is hilarious at the moment and is a real mummy's boy.

Anyways I am going to try to be more efficient with my blog, even though I doubt anyone is reading it. ;) I lead a boring life me...hahah...anyhow have a lovely evening for all of you that are up crafting when the kiddies are in bed...xoxo

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