Saturday, 20 September 2008

Feeling great!

Oh my goodness...had an awful few days. Caught a sickness bug and have been in my bed for the best of four days... That is not really my style since I am always doing something and hardly get time to sit down. Anyways I am not very good with stomache bugs and were suffering with it but my partner spoilt me rotten and I feel a lot better now.

Here is another card that I made for one of my pals. It is for her pal who came up from London to celebrate her 50th birthday. I have made a Z-fold card, which was really easy. Got the template from . Made an exploding card with these papers before and loved them so much I had to get a stash of it. But normally I am quite good. I am not a horder, I buy some papers and use them all up (even the tiny papers, I just can't stand when people waste good paper and specially now when everyone is trying so hard to go green) and then I go and buy some more. It works better that way. Love making different styles of cards. I am due to make two baby cards for next week... Jikes, it is for two pals at work and they are both going on maternity leave so we'll see how these turn out...

Boys had their schoolphotos done and we got to see the samples this week. I have ordered a couple. They look so cute, I know I they are mine but I just couldn't help but getting all gooey and mumsy. They are getting so big, the two oldest ones. Feels like yesterday they were all small and chubby and now they are getting so tall and cheeky.

Watching "Merlin" (BBC1) this evening with the boys. They are really excited. It is a new series and my boys are very much into King Arthur and can't wait to follow this new series that is on for 13 episodes. I am prone to watch fantasy style movies anyways so I am looking forward to it to. Love Starwars, Lord of the rings and movies like "Willow" but I am also prone to a bit of "Ugly Betty" on a friday night...;)

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