Sunday, 28 September 2008

Scary tin.

Here is a little tin I did a while ago, to put pictures of the boys in their halloween gear. I used the cricut cartridge "Paper dolls" for the little spider. Inside it has a little pull out minibook. I did this one at craftnight. I just love tins. I have a dozen of them at home decorated in different shapes and sizes. It looks so lovely and homely on the shelf and I always get visitors asking where I bought them. How funny is that!!? But I suppose you can't buy things like that in any shops. That is why it is so special when you receive a hand crafted card or a gift. It was made just for you.
It was so much fun to do. And so many different ideas to use the little tin for. I must see if I can fine some and make some for christmas pressies. Got a few gifts to send abroad so why not stick a pound note in a decorated tin. (it's normally so boring sending money in an envelope)

The boys have had enough of playing today so they are watching a movie on dvd. Jed is sleeping and I have done all my chores so I am going to do a bit of crafting. Have a lovely sunday evening.xoxo

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