Tuesday, 23 September 2008


That is it. I had enough. No more taking cruddy pictures on my phone. I am going to buy a fancy camera this weekend. I was admiring all the lovely blogs with their professional photography of their creations, so I thought why can I not have lovely photos on my blog. I take a lot of pictures anyways. Specially of the boys and my murals for my portfolio. I wouldn't just buy it for the blog. (Well, maybe.. I have a follower now !!! Wohoooo!! Thank you, Tonniece ! I was absolutely chuffed when I saw a little comment on the blog.)

So I am just lookin into what I can get for my budget. I think my fella is more excited than me, he is really into photography. He is a PC engineer and go around Scotland every day in his van fixing peoples computers, printers etc. He gets to see some amazing scenery so I am afraid that camera will be in his van when I am not using it.

Here is a little card with a sheep (Cuttlekids Sophia diecut) . I have these in the woolen shop in Aberlour (It's called "Three bags wool") and they are selling like hotcakes. Very simple but people seems to like them. I do lots of different variations of that card, apparantly nobody wants to buy a "handcrafted" card if there is a whole bunch of them that looks the same. Anyways they are really fun to make. I do a pig one too, that sais "Hogs and kisses" or "Happy hogmanay" or similar...I am currently making christmas cards for the shop. Sarah really likes funky unusual cards so I have some good ideas. Another thing to get on with.

Just had dinner with the boys. Tom is due home any minute so I'd better get my things ready for work so I get to see him for a short while before I go grafting. :D

Thanks for stopping by! xoxoxo

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Aaawwww, very cute!