Tuesday, 30 September 2008


I am just home from work and I can't go to bed...that's the worst thing about working evenings, it's hard to wind down afterwards. Anyway, had an easy evening at work so I am quite happy.

Have had loads of lovely comment on the blog, so thank you so much. It gives me a lot of confidence when people are saying I am on the right track with my "creations". Mwahhh...that sounds really professional! Anyways I have been bloghopping ever since I came home from work and I have seen some lovely things and feel very inspired indeed. Have three cards to make tomorrow, so I am going to try to fit that in my hectic schedule.

Still making more stamp designs, nearly finished. Busy, busy...Had a picture of the boys that I was going to put up but I can't seem to get the image uploader to work. I'm sure it's this laptop. Seems to break as soon as I pick it up. Thank goodness my fella is good at fixing computers, otherwise I would be stuck.

Ordered my camera, don't know how long it will take before it arrives but I am really excited, but then it'll probably take me a week to figure out how to use it...blondes! Haha....anyways, I must go to bed, have to be up at 7am to get boys ready for school. Thanks for stopping by and I shall see you tomorrow.xoxo

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