Wednesday, 1 October 2008


October is here...and so much to do. I have loads of pals that have got birthdays around this time. Me, myself being a libra, also have a birthday this month.

I have made some cards today. One is for this young lad that works with me. He is 18 next month and I drew a picture of him and stuck it on the card. He is a really funny guy and I'm sure he'll have a great birthday.

The other card is for my friend Matt, (my friend Helena's husband) he is 40 on sunday. He is also one of the boys Judo instructors and have been a friend of ours for years. He is really cheeky, so I thought I'd get him back for all the naughty things he has done to me (i.e throw food in my hair when I wasn't looking at a formal dinner...he is a baddie but really funny too) So I have made him a dinosaur (get it...hahah) card. He'll think it's really funny, since we all know that 40 isn't old at all. Hope he likes it and doesn't try to throw anything at me...;D

His son Cameron has a 15th birthday next week. He is really specific in what he likes now, so I have made him little minibook instead of a card. He loves chinese dragons and is very artistic. He often draws dragons and snakes. He is currently trying to study as hard as he can, since he wants to be a model maker and it is very hard to get into a course like that unless you have remarkable grades. Which he has so far, so keep at it, Cam.

Wohooo, last day of work this week...but still have a million things to do. Everyone thinks that since I am home 4 days out of the week I just sit and watch tv. They couldn't be more wrong. You guys know what it is like, with kids and housework and all that. Anyway, I am not complaining. I love being busy and would be bored with nothing to do.

I am making some things for my friend that is in for an operation on friday. I am going to try to make them on friday. Have craft night tomorrow night so hopefully I'll have something cool to show tomorrow night.

I'm off to get changed for work. Tallihooo!!

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Tonniece said...

wow, you have been very busy Evelina. All these cards are wonderful, and I'm sure they will all be recieved with joy.

So you didn't say what day your birthday was, very sneaky. lol

Happy Thursday