Friday, 3 October 2008

Here is an illustration I did for my friend Angus' band, Scatha. It is a record sleeve for a 7 inch single. The image is from when I had my black/white period. That sounds really wierd and arty farty but I was really into it.
It soon passed though, got a bit bored just using black and white. But I am pleased with how it came out. I only did the inside image on the record sleeve. The knotwork around it has been done by a member of the band.
I was sat colouring in yesterday with promarkers and I am sold!!! I have tried so many different ones like prismas and that and finally I have found something that I feel really good about. So next week I'll be heading to the craft shop in Elgin to buy a stack. My pal said if I want all the colours, ie skintones and that I should get about 4 packs, so that is what I will do. They are not bad, was it £13 for 8 pens I said in one of the other posts? Anyway they are reasonable for a crafter on a budget. (ME!!)
Loving Doubledutch challenge blog, they have a brilliant sketch on at the moment. I am going to enter. I have finished the card and taken a photo with my new camera (it's great!!) , just going to sort the software out and then I'll put it on the blog. Just remember that it's the first time I have used the promarkers so it's not perfect. See you in a bit.xoxoxo


Tonniece said...

Love your drawing, wow a record sleeve, that's great.

Dianne said...

Your drawing is fantastic the cover is really cool. I love black and white myself, also love the knotwork I'm really into Celtic work..