Monday, 6 October 2008

Pirate mural 2.

Morning and hope you all had a good weekend. Quite a nice morning up here, sun is shining but it's still cold.

Here is the other pirate mural in the boy's bedroom. It is ment to be captain Luca and captain Ciaran on their little ship. This mural was done about a year and a half ago and like I said before they are now into Starwars so I am painting over it in the next few months.

Busy day today, working tonight aswell. Going to try to get some cards done today, we'll see how that works out....busy, busy... ;D


Leann said...

Love this ~ such a shame to have to paint over it!

Dianne said...

Well I don't know who those captains are so it looks great to me. it is sad you have to paint over but life is full of changes yes...