Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Clean cut card

Here I have made a really simple and easy card for my pal's stepdad. He is a massive Glasgow rangers fan so I had only three colours to work with and no designer paper looked right. So I have just made it simple and clean cut. Hope he likes it.

Having a stressful time before halloween. Lots to do and organise. Don't seem to ever have time to sit down, but I suppose busy is better than doing nothing. I am a bit behind on my work from home so I have to sort that out next week...Eeeek! And there is only 2 more days to make halloween stuff and then I have to wait another year...need to get cracking. Have a good day!


Dianne said...

Hey girly nice Christmas cards and I'm sure your pal's Dad will love the card..
Hey you have your Dad visiting and 3 kids and a husband and a job. I think its ok to get a little behind. Relax and enjoy your visit with your Dad thats the most important thing...
Hope you and the kids had a great halloween..

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