Saturday 11 October 2008

Small reminder

Evening. Haven't had time to do a lot of crafting today. Just a couple of small, simple things, like this little halloween treat box. Something different for the kids to take home with them if you are having a halloween party.

The other picture is of a small 4 by 4" reminder pad/note pad. Sorry about the dodgy screw on the picture, haha....It is really easy and speedy to make and great for a little present for someone with a hectic life. I used (yet again) a beer coaster and covered it in paper.

Up here in Scotland is now holidays. Called " tattie holidays" so kids are off for a fortnight. It's brilliant to get a break from schoolruns and after school clubs. And I'll have a lot more time to do crafting since the boys are happy to do it with me. (when Jed is sleeping)

Tomorrow I am taking the boys to see a good friend of mine. They play with her kids and we always get treated like we are in a five star hotel when we go to visit. So that will be a great beginning to the holidays.

Have a lovely evening and I'll be back tomorrow. xxx


Therése Ringström Persson said...

Vilken söt liten ask, ibland tycker jag det är lite synd att Halloween inte är så stort här, det är ju perfekt att pyssla till:0)
Vad synd att man inte har några sådana ölunderlägg:0( jag såg boxen du gjorde av dem det blev ju också jättebra!!!!!
Ha det bra!!

Dianne said...

Nice little gift box and note pad. I love your new blog look to. Thanks for the link...

Tonniece said...

Love the new blog look.

cute gift box.