Monday, 6 October 2008

Goth door hanger

Here is the first EVER papercrafts item I made a good few months ago. It was for my pal's daughter Breagha. She is the coolest girl around. 12 and totally into goth and punk. But with a punk veteran dad (Angus, see below for artwork for his band) and punk mum Ainsley, how could she not be. She is absolutely gorgeous and has got a great personality on her. She also has a beautiful little sister called Onnagh and a new addition to the family, baby Darragh. He is so cute, he is gonna have to get locked up when he is 12...haha..

Anyways had some help with this one from my pal that is a craft veteran. Since it was my first project she showed me what papers would go with the scary goth angel and the matching ribbons. And ofcourse, since then I was sold...I love papercrafts!! Another hobby to make your wallet thin. But it's so worth it when you make someone something and they like it..priceless...xoxoxo

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