Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Sorry, I have had a mad last week and not any time at all to make nothing...until yesterday and when I finally had a couple of hours I couldn't make anything. I think I have lost my mojo....temporarily I hope.

Haven't been able to draw or make things. Anyways I am going to leave it for a couple of days until I am gagging to make stuff and then I'll be right again. Things like that happen...haha...

I often get like that with my art. I draw something and then it looks wrong and I'll draw it over and over and over again and then I am so sick of it, I don't want to draw it again. Well, I am definitely doing the cupcake challenge this week so I better be on it in a couple of days.

I though it might have something to do with that today is my birthday....jikes...I am 33 today...odd number...hahah...and my baby is 1 on sunday, but I realised it wasn't. See my baby is born on my late mothers birthday and I always get a bit funny around this time. But that is what happens. It was years ago she passed away but losing your mum and best friend is just something you never get over.
However my mum was the coolest mum ever, absolutely mad, always happy, big blond affro (must have been something in that perm liquid,,,hahah) and she always wore florecent clothes. Pretty embarrasing when you are a teenager but now I think she was sooo cool and brave for being herself and not caring what other people say...and I am afraid I have inherited some of her habits...ie...I am always happy and have some pretty wierd clothes, no florecents though,,hahahha...anyways who cares, aslong as you are happy.

Well, I have had a nice day, got spoilt rotten. Definiely had too much cake. Had a friend over for lunch and we had a good time. All round perfect lazy day for a birthday. So please bare with me please, I will be back with some more posts in a couple of days. Hope you had a good weekend and see you soon. Thanks for looking (even thought I am being boring...) ;D


Therése Ringström Persson said...

Grattis på födelsedagen!!!
Hoppas du hittar din inspiration snart:0)

Tonniece said...

Happy belated Birthday. Sorry i missed it.
Hope you get your mojo back soon love your wk.

So sorry to hear of your mom's passing, but memories are awesome and you will always have her close as long is you have memories.

Your babe is too cute for words, love all that red hair.