Saturday, 25 October 2008

..Panduro snowman card

My dad has just arrived from Sweden to come and stay with us for ten days. He was very nice bringing me some things from the Panduro craft shop in Stockholm. (as well as salt liqurice, yum , yum...)

This snowman on my card I made this morning is from the Ingrid Harding collections and I just love it. The shop is amazing, I can't wait to go to Sweden next year and have a browse in it.

Not very many weeks left til christmas now. I know it is still october but I have so much to do, so many cards to make and pressies to buy so I have started early this year. I have bought a cuttlekids machine for one of my friends little girl. She is a crafter in the making and everytime she comes to my house she asks what we can "craft" today. She is very sweet.

I am going to get of this computer now and check that my dad is okay. He is knackered from traveling all day resting upstairs and he is nearly 70 after all. Have a good evening.


Dianne said...

This is a really beautiful card, love the snowman and the lace you added. I'm so happy your Dad is visiting with you. So do have a wonderful time while he is visiting, Christmas can wait just enjoy your visit....

Therése Ringström Persson said...

Underbart kort!!! Jag gillar också de där figurerna från panduro men jag har haft lite svårt för att använda dem:0( vad roligt med besök av pappa!!!
ha det bra:0)