Sunday 7 September 2008

Good Morning!

Had a busy evening last night. I was going to have a lazy one but I ended up making wall plaques for my lovely granny, that lives in Finland (she is 90 and still getting up 5 in the morning to bake bread!) and my cousin, that also lives in Finland. I am just waiting to do a last coat of paint and then I will assemble them and put them on the blog.

Sugar Nellie stamps have been all over the press lately. Last month, there was a feature in Craft Stamper by Erica Gunter. She used a few of my Luca stamps and some of Linda Andreu's stamps called Hamish. She has made some really funky cards with these! And next month in Craft Stamper, talented crafter Marlene is having a halloween feature with my halloween designs for Sugar Nellie.

I am a huge halloween fan so I was delighted when I found out that there was going to be a magazine feature. The magazine is out now and for sale in WH Smith so I must get my hands on a copy.

My birthday is in october aswell as my baby Jed. He was born on my late mothers birthday the 18th, so he is even more special to me, since my mum was my best friend. Sadly she passed away when I was 18 and had just moved to London. I have got him his birthday pressie already. It' a bright red ride on car with "18" on it. It is sooo cool, can't wait to see him taring around in it!!

Anyways better go and entertain the boys. It's really miserable here but I might take them for a walk anyway to burn some energy. No doubt they will be asking to play Playstation later so better be a good Mummy and give them some fresh air first. Thanks for popping by! xoxoxoxo

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