Sunday 21 September 2008

OMG...I am making xmas things already!!

Evening all!

Had a really nice lazy sunday. Did some housework and stuff with the boys. Jed is a real
mummy's boy now so he has to do everything that I do...all the time!! The boys were playing
just about every game we have in the house this evening. I thought they would be tired out since
Tom took them out cycling for hours before he went to practise with his band. He is really busy with the band.

They have gigs every weekend (that's me all by my seldom with the kids...aaah..the band widow!!) and
he has just asked me if it's okay if they go away in april next year for 10 days for a tour that covers London, Belgium and Germany. I said fine but I will have a nice long list of things for him to bring me back. Muhaha!!! I used to live in London for years so I know there is loads of lovely things that I "need" for him to bring me back from there. Can't wait and also they always have a great time when they go away so why not. Practise went well today and apparently they have a few new songs so hope to hear them soon.

I even had time to make some things today, brilliant. Here is a very christmassy notebook/shopper, easy to make for a stockingfiller. It doesn't have to be a christmas one, I have made ones with flowery papers
before with stamped images on. I also make small notebooks, ideal for kids or for forgetful mums. My pal taught me how to make them. It was one of the first things I learned how to do. I am very greatful to her, she has taught me a lot and everytime we have craft night she seems to come up with something new. It is getting hard though, cause we are a fussy bunch now, haha!!

By the way the papers can be bought in the Paper Crafts Boutique in Elgin. I buy most of my supplies there, so if it's on my blog it will be in the shop.

Back to normality tomorrow and work and organising the kids. They had homework over the weekend, but that is all sorted out. Ciaran is a really good reader now and reads to his brothers (even though Jed talks constantly while he is reading and tries to devour the book at the same time) every night. He has turned into such a lovely, helpful and kind boy and I am very proud of him...even though he refuses to give his mother a kiss on the cheek outside the school. That is just not cool at all...ahahhah....I normally give him one anyways, I gave birth to that boy and it hurt so one kiss a day won't hurt...:D

Right, boys have been in their beds for a while so I'd better go and sort out their school stuff for tomorrow...and maybe have a little sitdown and see what is on tv. See yous tomorrow!xoxoxoox

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