Sunday, 28 September 2008

Good morning!

What a lovely morning. The sun is shining already. It is a bit cold, but I bet you it will be warm by lunchtime. Tom is going away to Edinburgh today with his band Gusto Mastivo. (Funny name!!)So, I am going to take the boys out and then try to get the house in ship shape and ofcourse try to get a bit of crafting in.

Here is two of the boys three pirate murals from their room. Just a simple black skull with swords and a pirate island. I did these about 2 years ago, and the boys are desperate for new murals. So I can feel a starwars theme coming on. As I had said in a earlier post, I am currently doing a Starwars Clone Trooper mural for one of my friends little boy. It's nearly finished, but it is hard to get it done, since my friend is a hardworking mum of two and is very busy. She is away on holiday next week so I am going to finish it in the "tattie holidays".

I just discovered they are showing "Fraggle rock" on kids channel Tiny Pop. I am watching it with the boys since I used to adore it when I was a child. It isn't really dated either like some of the old kids tv series. They are sooo cool. My favorites are the doozers. They are so cute. Even Jed watches it.

I am away to hang some washing out. Have a lovely morning. I'm sure this is not the last you have heared of my today.xoxoxo


Dianne said...

Very nice murals, will be a shame to cover over but I guess the kids do grow up and move on LOL. I'm excited to see the new mural your working on...

Tonniece said...

wow, you are a fantastic artist, and yes it will be a shame to cover this up. But at least we gwt to see a new one and you always have pics of this one.