Friday, 26 September 2008


Hi everyone and thank you so much for the lovely comments you have been leaving on my blog. I am so pleased it is friday. I am going to rent a cool kids movie with the kids tonight and buy lots of treats and stuff myself, since hubby is away in Aberdeen playing with the band. We love having a movie night!

I never get to watch anything but kiddies movies nowadays, but I must say, I don't mind. There is so many great movies for kids out now.

Had weekly craftnight last night. Everyone (except me, I am such a rebel, hihi...) was using these brilliant promarkers to colour in some stamped images. I am a bit scared of colouring, but I am going to face my fear and invest in some material. Haven't decided yet what to get. If you have any ideas what kind of materials would be best for a newbie like me, I'd love to hear them.

The promarkers were really cool. It looked like the images had been printed, so I might just get some of them and they didn't seem to be that expensive either. I am always on a budget since I have sooo many kids and always buy things for them first.

Anyways, while everyone was colouring in, I brought some ribbons and other bits and bobs to make a little halloween book. I am going to use it as a display for a picture of my boys for Halloween 2008. I was using "nestabilities" for the first time yesterday and I absolutely loved it. I can already hear my purse complaining. Oh, have to get a Cuttlebug machine first. I have the little Sizzix sidekick, which is great, but I have now discovered embossing folders (the big ones,,,,mmmm...) and I "neeed" some of them. Heheh.....

So, the orange scalloped circle is hopefully have a uber cool pic of the boys in it after Halloween. But then again, I made a tin last year, and there is still no pix in that one...oups!!
Time,,,that is what I am lacking. But at the moment I am quite happy to be running around after the boys. Before you know it, they will all be 17 and wanting to go to uni.

Got a kiddies party tomorrow. Boys are chuffed, it is a dressing up one...I wanted to dress up to but I thought I might give it a miss. Don't want the boys to be embaressed of their "crazy" mum..:D

Anyways, thanks again for looking. Im making a card for the little girl that has her 4th birthday tomorrow, so I will put a picture of that up on the blog tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend. I am away to gut the house (I have 3 loads of washing to do and millions of clothes to iron and put away....arghhh!!) Cheerioo!!xoxox


Tonniece said...

Very nicely done. I hope you put pics on this project though as it would be too cute.

I just this morning saw those promarkers while talking to Dianne. Couldn't quite tell if they were indeed markers or crayons from the pic. Always something new eh?

just got my cuttlebug machine last week and love it, but you can still use the folders without it, by wetting down the paper first, put it in the folder then with a rolling pin go over the folder. That is it. Leave the paper to dry, I used a lard acrylic block so the paper didn't curl while drying.

Well this is getting long winded so after all the house chores i hope you have a fab weekend.
Oh and enjoy the movie night.

Dianne said...

Tis book is so cool and I can't wait to see it with the pics in it.
We all have our fears , I for one can draw and am very fearful of it:):) Sigh, wish I could..