Sunday, 26 April 2009

Rock climbing

Evening. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is some pictures from this morning of my boys. We were on a lovely forest walk in a place called Cabrach,about 20 minutes from where I stay. The boys found some big boulders and climbed on them, and Jed was fascinated by a little stream. They could have thrown stones for hours. It was really hot when we were out,but when we got back it was lashing it down and then there was hail stones...don't understand this scottish the Starwars mural I have been working on, will put some pictures up next week. Sorry short post but have a pile of ironing todo....have a good evening and thanks for looking.

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Anki said...

Stryktvätt är ju alltid kul, hm.......nej....Fina kort på sönerna! Ser ut som om ni hade en kanondag. Tusen tack för kommentaren om Miss Kitty. Vi får se ifall hon blir stämpel eller ej. Susana tvekar lite - men vi får se.....Kramisar - Anki