Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Having a lovely cosy day in the house today, just me and Jed. Doing all the daily bits, housework, washing, playing (Jed loves nightgarden and I have to read his nightgarden book to him over and over again!) and trying to fit a bit of crafting in aswell. I am working tonight at 7pm so I have loads of time to put something together.

Here is a nice simple card I have made for a lady at my work. Her nephew is getting engaged so she asked if I'd make her a card on short notice, so I made it yesterday before work. I love browns and creams and ofcourse...tags! Who doesn't love tags!?

Sorry short post today. My homemade soup is just ready and I am starving! So have a nice day and hopefully I'll have something new to show you guys tomorrow. xoxoxoxoxo

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