Thursday, 2 April 2009

Happy Touring, Hubby!

So the Easter holidays are here, and I am on my todd with my three will I entertain hubby has gone away to Europe to tour with his band Gusto Mastivo. They are playing in Nottingham, London, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czeck Republic and Denmark...lucky for some ey!He is gone for the whole two weeks of the hols. No Doubt him and his band will have a great time, and make lots of new friends. I just wish I could go jealous,,,oh no!! have a great time, hubz and hurry back home. xxxxxxxxxx


Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing the picture...I'm a bit jealous for you too.
ps. you'll just have to do loads of stamping and get your boys to colour the images for you... that'll keep them busy for a while :o)

Anki said...

Så nästa gång de åker på turné så får väl Sverige vara en plats -eller? Så att du kan komma hem också..hihi....... Ha det så bra och ät många påskägg så går veckorna fort över. Ngt du längtar efter ifrån Sverige?

Kram - Anki