Saturday 14 March 2009

Red Nose Day!

How much fun is Red Nose Day. There was a big event at the boys school and you got to get dressed up, instead of wearing your schooluniform, for £1. And ofcourse my boys are mad about dressing up, so they went for it. Well, one of them went for it BIGSTYLE. He heard that there was a price for the funnies dressup so he decided he was going to be a girl. And funny it wig, fifties glasses and my neighbours little girls spanish rara dress...hilarious. My other son thought it was a bit silly and went for a modest batman costume. And what do you know, my son (or got the first price! It was sooo funny though, I got the girl I never had for a day, I put nailvarnish on him and lipstick. It was so much fun, but now it's time for the varnish remover. Have a good evening and thanks for looking. Hope it gave you a laugh!!

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Wicked Knits said...

Ciaran might just be as mad as Cameron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!