Thursday, 3 December 2009



Sorry I have been absent for a few month. Started college fulltime and still working 3 jobs..ekkk...and my father passed away so have had lots to do! It's all sorted now so I am ready for a new start just before christmas. Hope everyone is having a great time doing their xmas crafting. I will be back soon. Have a great month! Hugs Eva.xxxx

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Sandra said...

Hi Sweetie, So sorry to hear that your father passed away. Sending you love and hugs.
Have missed seeing your wonderful creations. So glad you'll be back soon.
Sounds like you are super busy... I know the feeling.
Made me smile to know that you liked the birthday card I sent you. Couldn't have gone to a nicer gal.
looking forward to seeing your new creations.
Take care
Sandra xx