Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Ded Rabbit

Sounds a bit morbid doesn't this little drawing is a logo I did a while ago for my partners brothers. (he's got five) 4 of them are in a band called "Ded Rabbit" (don't know where they got the name from) They are really brilliant and has been playing gigs for years now. The singer is a mear age of 14. Doesn't look it though, he is 6 ft3!!!

They are really talented but ofcourse their dad is a music teacher so how could they not be. I am into playing music myself. Play drums and bass guitar, whenever I get a minute I go to the mother in laws house and make some noise with the boys! It's great!!! If you want to hear their songs, go to .

Have a nice evening and see you all tomorrow. Hugs from me!

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